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Jaye Newton Preforming Elhae Art of Metanoia

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Jaye Newton, was born Jeffrey Wallace in Atlanta Georgia , 1996. With both parent being musically inclined, Jaye was expose to artist such as Outkast, Lauryn Hill, 2pac, Aaliyah & more early. It wasn’t until 4th grade when his childhood friend Theo Smith asked him to preform in a school talent show where he saw his artist journey manifest. Off the strength of the crowds reaction this moment created a desire for Jaye to make a career off preforming. It wasn’t until 7th grade when Jaye decided this was the career path he wanted to pursue after making a diss song about his teacher that went viral throughout the school.   Following a period of times of trying to find a sound that reflect who he was musically, it wasn’t until the summer going into his sophomore year of high school that he decided to go by the name Jaye Newton. It came from a conversation held with his grandfather over the summer of 2011. They were going through different song from past decades and dove into deep conversations about what he wanted from music longterm. Jaye told him that he wanted to be the catalyst of change for generations to come. His grandfather told him that he reminded him of a young Huey Newton. A few weeks later his grandfather past away so to honor him he added Newton to his childhood name. Entering into college at Kennesaw State, Jaye began building his buzz in Atlanta with multiple singles and projects under his belt. However it wasn’t until his 2016 release of “A Quarter Til 9” that he started getting recognition and notoriety throughout the city leading to multiple shows in Atlanta and different states. Jaye Newton has opened for various artist such as Elhae, Dej Loaf, Lupe Fiasco, Jeremih & Migos while also headlining his own shows. Cultivating audiences across the map has caused Jaye to create a cult like following with an range of all ages and demographics due to his relatable content, genuine demeanor and stage presence. Jaye Newton has proven to be an artist that will stand the test of time with timeless content and endless potential to grow in his artistry. While executive producing all his projects he also has different lanes of influence such as cinematography, photography, marketing and creative direction. Jaye Newton along with long term business partner and producer Bossman have consistently pushed themselves to create a sound solely theirs that always reflects his life while sonically pushing the envelop. Jaye Newton is the future of not only Atlanta but music in general.



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